1. Every artist must electronically sign the non-exclusive affiliation agreement. This is the first step and the only way you can officially become an UAMG artist. Click here to read and sign affiliation agreement.

2. Song and publishing whitesheet - (must be completed for each song to be released via our online electonics Whitesheet form). Click here for WHITESHEET.

3. electronically Sign and complete online “IPR” document for each release and/or song. Click here to complete whitesheet.

4. deliver Artwork (Requirements below): 

  • JPG or TIF image file ONLY.
  • Perfect square and at least 3000 x 3000 pixels max size 6000 x 6000 pixels
  • 300DPI in RGB format
  • Only include text stating the artist name and release title

5. Master Music File delivery Requirements: .WAV 24bit/48Khz.

6. Completed W9 from Artist/Label. 

7. Send all files quickly and easily using our upload link:

8. for lyric video creation customers: you will still need to submit items 1-7 above plus lyrics (please be sure to spell check before sending).