ELITEmix description

The MasterMix mix packages gives your music and creations the competitive edge. All mixes are in the hands of an award winning engineer with expertise in all genres of music.


package general rules and guidelines

  • *Editing, Tuning NOT included. Extra rates apply for these services.

  • Tracks must be prepared and ready for mix, editing and vocal tuning is an extra hourly expense at $30 per hour.

  • Each song must be no more than 5 minutes in length. Any song over 5 min. will accrue a $20 per minute fee.

  • Time allowed per song: up to 8 mix hours per song.

  • Track count allowed per song: 72 Max Tracks or less. ($2 per track charge for track counts over maximum allowed.).

  • Delivered Standard Mixes ALL Packages: Main Mix, Instrumental Mix, TV Track Mix (Stem Mixes are NOT included. Stem mixes are however available at an additional rate of $30 per hour.).

  • Mix Changes/Recalls: (2) TWO Change/Recall Requests are allowed PER SONG for FREE. (Further Change/Recall requests will be charged at a rate of $30 per hour.).

  • Songs can not be split between different orders.