4636 Lebanon Pike #222
Hermitage, TN 37076


release assets

masters and other assets

UAMG does not keep copies of assets delivered to us this includes but is not limited to: masters, artwork files, music files, generic files etc. Please make sure you have copies of your work.


UAMG, its employees and affiliates make no guarantee as to the success of any release and can not guarantee success of services which include but is not limited to: distribution, sales, radio promotion, PR, marketing etc.

Right To remove and refuse

UAMG reserves the right remove and/or refuse any product from distribution that violates our code of ethics which includes but is not limited to: vulgarity, explicit lyrics or images, explicit language, hate language etc., or if the label and/or artist(s) behavior is deemed offensive, explicit or criminal that could potentially tarnish the UAMG brand. If such a violation occurs UAMG reserves the right to remove and/or refuse the label, artist or product and immediately terminate any affiliation with UAMG without refund (as stated in our “Refunds” section of this page).



Payment security is very important to us which is why we are currently using PayPal™ and Stripe™ as our payment gateways. If you do not have PayPal or do not have credit card to process via Stripe™, we have other secure methods of payment via a direct payment method.


All payments for services must be completed prior to services rendered. No refunds are allowed.