Social Media Marketing 101 - Time to Release Your Music to the World


Here are just a few social media marketing tips that we use on every release regardless of how many projects released by a particular artist. 

Four weeks to release date - Get the word out!

About a month or so before your project is planned for release it is the time to start letting your fans know what you are have been working on. This process can be simply achieved by a series of text posts and special social branded graphic images of your project on all of your social platforms. 

*Let’s put a pin in this for a second……….and let’s make sure you (the artist) are on all forms of social media………and if not all, definitely the BIG 3: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! There is no excuse to not be on social media working on gaining a fanbase especially because it is FREE! Over the years I have heard every excuse in the book as to why some artists were not on social media i.e. "I don’t have enough time", "I don’t know what I am doing"……and the list goes on. My response is always pretty simple…… important is your music,  and what does your artistry really mean to you?

Ok back to your regularly scheduled program……aside from text posts, I would suggest vlog clips (video clips), of you at a gig, or in the studio announcing your album or single with your music playing softly in the background. Aside from these type of posts……this is also the time to share and reveal your final graphics of the cover for your album or single.

Three weeks to release: push your single or main song!

If you are releasing a full album you should have already identified what the first single will be, or what the highlight track(s) will be (of course if you are releasing just single then this song selection should be really simple). Start pushing that song by doing all of some of the following:

  1. Using the single cover image or album image, or with social branded graphics that be easily created, consider boosting a post with an ad or two. Now..... Immediately when I mention the word “Ad”…….I get another round of excuses regarding cost etc…… don’t need to spend a fortune….and you would be surprised at how much a $25 ad will get you in return i.e. likes, follows, purchases etc. 
  2. Send your song to bloggers, reviewers, curators that accept submissions etc. 

Two weeks to release: Time for Preorders!

This is the time to start pushing that preorder link (if you have one). There are many ways to announce that the preorder is available, starting with a cover graphic post on all platforms with the link. Use that link a lot……however remember the links to apple music and others will be long, so it is good idea to ALWAYS use short links with companies like Bitly, Google and others……..some of these short url sites will even let you create your own custom title for you link which is great way to let your fans know exactly what they are clicking on. *Some people have gotten pretty savvy by linking their facebook to twitter and IG or vice versa......however this is probably one of the worst things you can do since each platform has limitations i.e. character limits, video limits, and link link be sure if you use once source to make your posts, be sure to edit each of the posts on their respective platforms for continuity. Also note that IG does not allow links in the body of the post so be sure to add any sort of link you want to use in the "bio" section and let people know that the link is in the bio! However if your project is not a preorder release and you don’t have a preorder link, making a short video of the highlight point of the single/song (playing as background music to the video) is an awesome promotion and works well. Make sure the clip is no longer than a minute for obvious reasons 1. So that you keep some level of suspense when the single drops (not to give the whole song away), and 2. because platforms like IG have a one minute max on videos, and even less for IG stories. 

Release Week: Post Daily!!!

As the final week draws near to release day, it is good idea to let your fans know the single or project is coming..... remind them daily! One simple way we have always achieved this is by creating a series of graphics using the cover art with numbers counting down. You can start with 7, 5 or just a 3 day countdown……however I wouldn’t go higher than 7 or the posts will start to get annoying to your fans. This is also the time to start going to live daily on FB, IG etc…….letting your fans know this is THE WEEK!! Here are some other ideas that work and could be beneficial:

  1. Shoutout videos in addition to going live……call your fans by name and thank for sharing your links, supporting you and your music and for mentions.
  2. Create a series of giveaways. This doesn’t have to be elaborate, you can literally give anything away i.e. music, a Skype call or phone call, if you are writer……maybe the giveaway is a chance to write a song with you, or maybe giveaway a personal performance, handwritten lyrics/music of the single etc…….this list can be as long as the imagination you have. The key here is to engage your fans to talk about the project and by using hashtags for the project or song title etc…….be clever and come up with a good hashtag that is unique so that you can track its use easily……hastags is also a good way to determine what’s working for you.
  3. Have your friends, family and fans retweet, repost and mention the project. 

Remember to be excited about everything you are doing and have lots of fun!! If you do not come across as excited......your fans will definitely not be excited either!

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